In Vinegar Veritas Est

My first attempt at making my own wine a couple of years ago didn’t go as well as hoped; I have learned since that time what works and what doesn’t when it comes to quantities of fruit and sugar per finished gallon of grog etc.

The first batch turned out a bit grim, but the cloud does have a silver lining – it turns out that this horrible brew actually makes fine wine vinegar (some would say it was most of the way there when I made it).

Turning it into vinegar has to be one of the very easiest things I have ever done. All I have been doing is pouring a couple of bottles of wine into a glass jug, adding a splash of some wine vinegar I already had, covering the top so that it is partially open to the air but flies can’t get into it, and just leaving it for a couple of weeks. Bingo! Wine vinegar.

I discovered that a really great way to store this vinegar is in those beer bottles which have replaceable tops which swing on a kind of pivot arrangement, the tension in which keeps the top on the bottle – Grolsch is one well-known brand which has this kind of bottle.

So I was forced to drink several bottles of beer so that I had something to keep my wine vinegar in!

The vinegar makes delicious vinaigrettes, and of course if you have far too much of it, you can use it for cleaning, as per Kim and Aggie. 😉


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  1. Peter said,

    February 21, 2010 at 1:27 am

    “Château de Green Cottage 2009 and chips please” A fine vintage!

    Wine is something I’m still to get into. I tried making beer once, but I don’t think I cleaned everything properly because, sadly, it was undrinkable. Truth is I like real ale so probably won’t try beer again.

    My mum used to make vast quantities of ginger beer; it was absulutely delicious. If you pushed it on visitors they weren’t that keen “Oh, well … errr … OK I’ll try a little”. Then they were after seconds and thirds!

    The ginger beer used to sit in a giant bucket in the living room and I have a feeling we always feared it was about to explode. I’m not sure where we got that idea though … perhaps it did once.

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