More Carbon Footprint Stuff

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Carbon footprint of CafeDirect tea and coffee:-

Carbon footprint of food calculator:-

Carbon footprint of an average Western domestic cat – 480 kg

Carbon footprint of an iPhone – about 120 kg:-

A bit more of a breakdown of the flying calculations from someone on another forum:-

OK … the oldest type of 747 has a maximum range of 5800 nautical miles. Its roughly 4200 MILES (not nautical but here figures do get a bit more complicated) to Delhi from London so it can be done in one stop.

Now that smallest 747 can hold around 184,000L of jet fuel. At a density of 0.84Kg/L thats ~155,000Kg (or 155 tonnes) of fuel. Taking the 3.03 C02 per tonne thats gives ~469 tonnes of C02 if you burn all the fuel. It can carry 366 people in a 3-class set up. 80% of 366 is 293 people. 469 / 293 is 1.6 tonnes of CO2 per passenger to fly the MAXIMUM range of the first generation 747. Also note I have rounded up at EVERY point there. Less fuel on board means you need to burn less fuel. Therefore the figures will be significantly lower.

Of course this is a return flight so double it to 3.2 Kg.

Again that IS using figures from wikipedia … but I can’t see how they could be THAT wrong …

I’ve taken the absoloute worst case scenario and rounded against getting a nice result at each point. I’ve also assumed the plane is fully loaded and burns all its fuel over a significantly shorter distance (4200 miles is ~3700 nautical miles). I’ve also failed to take into account jet streams for lowered fuel burn etc. I would wager that that figure is nearer to 2.5 in reality. Though thats on a first gen 747 … is also worth remembering I AM talking 3 classes there …

Its also worth noting that you get very similar figures by doing max range in the most modern 747 (comes out at 3.4tonnes per head return) but your maximum range is now 8000 nautical miles.

Oh and for those interested the same figures for an A380 are about 3.8 tonnes per head return with a max range of 8200 nautical miles (On a cattle class only flight that drops to 2.4tonnes per head 80% loaded!!).

Actual distances airport to airport:-

All good stuff!! 🙂


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