Feeling Chipper

Bought a garden shredder/chipper today for £80 – after much debate with myself I decided to get one to deal with the huge quantities of ‘green waste’ my little garden generates.

We don’t have bins for green waste round our way as the council don’t think we have gardens to speak of, being a terraced housing estate. But every year, especially in the autumn, I end up burning huge quantities of vegetable matter because I simply don’t have any other way of getting rid of it.

I didn’t really want to get a shredder as it uses power of course, and it’s just another thing to take up space in the house. But being able to recycle all my green waste into a useful mulch is really going to benefit my garden, I think.

At the moment the weather is so dry that a mulch of shredded twigs and leaves will hopefully help to keep the moisture in the soil. And one thing the soil in my garden is really short of is nice thick organic matter – over time as the mulch decomposes and is incorporated into the soil by worms, it should really improve the soil quality – a perfect in-house solution really. So I decided that the chipper was a good idea – it won’t be used that often really, but when it is, it will be invaluable.


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