Stop Press

I’ve bought myself a fruit press from Vigo, a crusher and picked all the apples off our tree. Cider here we come!!

Going to see if I can get some more apples from people around the place who don’t want theirs!

Local Adventure 3

Went a bit further today and discovered another stretch of the Bury-Bolton canal, and a cycleway called the “Bradley Fold Cycleway” which I didn’t even know existed!

Garden Update 17th August 2010

A few fruity August photos from our little patch!

Stealth Food: Update 8th August 2010

There’s loads of stuff ready for eating already from the Phase 2 planters, even though they were only planted a few weeks ago!!

There’s tons of rocket to be had, and I pulled a lovely bunch of radishes on the way back from town just now!!

Local Adventure 2

Went for another bike ride today, this time turning West at Radcliffe and exploring a bit more of the Bury-Bolton canal, down towards Little Lever where although the canal continued, I couldn’t see a way to get through.

I had meant to go out towards Bolton a lot further, but ended up taking a wrong turn and heading back down towards Radcliffe.

Came across some interesting and pretty sights, including what looked like some kind of old steam crane beside the canal.


This year we got around 2 kilos of blackcurrants from the bushes in our little back garden.

We’ve turned the whole lot into delicious jam!!

Local Adventure!

Just got back from a really enjoyable bike ride! I did my normal road circuit route but instead of coming back my normal way, I joined the old Bury-Bolton canal to see where it went.

It was quite beautiful, although there was some litter in parts of the canal, other parts were quite overgrown and I saw all kinds of wildlife, and some beautiful views. For a little while I had no idea where I was going, which was really refreshing and quite an adventure!!

In the canal photo you can see Scout Moor wind farm in the background. Cycling up to the wind farm is on my hit list of challenges for the future! I think I’m going to have to get a bit fitter first though 😉

I went across a level crossing at one point too, and realised that it was on the East Lancashire (steam) Railway. I stopped on the level crossing to take a photo before I realised that the engine in the distance was rolling towards me! I moved my bike off the crossing and sure enough, an engineer got out and opened the gates, and the engine went across.

The route was about 9 miles.