Going Underground?

In stark contrast to the brief flash of publicity generated by the 10:10 campaign’s short film “No Pressure”, the 10/10/10 “global work party” day of action for the 350.org campaign appears to have been subjected to a total news blackout.

According to the organisers, over 7,000 events were held worldwide, in over 180 separate countries. This would very likely make it the biggest global campaign ever. And yet, in the mainstream media there was not a peep about it.

Is this a deliberately concerted policy on the part of the media? There has been a recent suggestion that the BBC has decided to stop reporting stories about climate change:-


Maybe it has been decided that the world economic crisis is the story of the day, that people are bored with hearing about climate change and that the forthcoming energy crisis will make it necessary for us to burn whatever we can get our hands on that will burn. Who knows? But it seems fairly obvious that for the moment at least, the mainstream media does not see any value in reporting stories about climate change, or the growing strength of the global grass-roots movement to stop it.

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