Why Don’t You Just Buy Some?

I decided the other day that I would use my Vigo fruit press to have a go at making some pear cider, as I have bought it now and am looking forward to making all kinds of exotic beverages with it!

I don’t actually know anyone with any pear trees though, so I decided to go down Bury Market and buy a rucksack full for the purpose. I thought that although I didn’t know the source of the pears, they were likely to be locally supplied and devoid of preservers.

When I asked the stall assistant, she looked at me quizzically. “I’m going to make pear cider,” I said. She said, “why don’t you just buy some?”

I was lost for words. In retrospect I could think of all sorts of things to say, such as, the stuff in the supermarkets tastes like fizzy alcoholic pear-flavoured water. “It’s nicer to make it yourself” I managed in the end. She shrugged and charged me £16 for a rucksack full of Conferences.

She had a point though – what I should really be doing is collecting pears from trees which would normally just go to waste, rather than buying them from the market. I will have to ask around in advance of next year’s season.

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