First Quickening

A couple of Sundays ago, I attended a traditional Wassail up at Hollymount Orchard, a local project by local food group Incredible Edible Ramsbottom (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a place not a local delicacy).

The group has been working on the orchard for about a year, it was discovered in a derelict and overgrown state and has been cleared of brambles, the trees pruned and generally brought back to life. The orchard originally belonged to a convent, and the trees are possibly hundreds of years old, so the restoration of the orchard is really inspiring!

The Wassail was great fun, with musicians and singing, a bonfire and a ritual pouring of cider on the roots of the apple trees. The day was cold and windy but a bonfire added a bit of warmth.

I was really encouraged to see such a group of dedicated people doing something so worthwhile. I’ll put in a bit of work myself and maybe earn some of this autumn’s apples for my cider press!