Grid Tie Inverter

One problem with my off-grid solar PV setup has been that in order to gain the benefit of the solar power, I have had to switch my ring main over from mains power to run on the batteries and solar. And whilst this means I get solar electricity, it also means I am using the batteries which degrades them when really there is no need.

Until recently, grid tie inverters have been prohibitively expensive and available only for voltages of around 72v or higher, being generally unsuitable for my 24v system. But seemingly the gap in the market has been noticed, and I managed to get a ‘plug and play’ 600w 24v grid tie inverter off eBay for just £150.

It won’t get me the Feed in Tariff of course, but it does mean maximum and most efficient utilisation of my solar PV panels and batteries, the latter of course still giving me critical systems backup in the event of grid failure.



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