Energy Vampires

Well yesterday I received in the post a real-time energy use monitor which I had ordered free of charge from British Gas (you can download the order form from here:

I thought as it was free I would get one, but I didn’t honestly expect it to find anything untoward about our energy use, as we are pretty meticulous about it.

I noticed that when there was nothing really actively running, the house uses about 300w constantly. I thought, well, that’s probably the fridge and various little LED clocks on the cooker, microwave etc.

But this morning, just to see what happened, I flicked the wall switch off that our induction hob is plugged into. Now normally it just sits there on standby with a little red LED to indicate power. But to my amazement, as I switched it off standby, the energy monitor display fell from about 300w to about 120w!! I couldn’t believe it!! The ‘blessed’ high-efficiency induction hob gobbles about 180w just sitting there on standby!!

Energy vampires . . . they are everywhere. You can’t be too vigilant.

So the energy monitor has paid for itself already (ok ok I know it was free).