Stealth Food

Guerilla gardening is fun!!

A few posts back I was talking about the areas of derelict land in our neighbourhood which we are going to try to do something with. Well, one of the smaller parcels of land has now been tidied up and a few raised beds installed for anyone to use.

As this is the first project of its kind round here, people won’t immediately know what to do, so today at lunchtime I strolled into town in the spring sunshine and bought a variety of stuff to start these beds off with.

I planted them up variously with blackberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, raspberry, gooseberry, strawberry, cranberry, rhubarb, onion sets and spuds.

It was great, as I was planting quite a few people who were wandering past stopped to chat with me, asking what I was planting and who the land belonged to. I explained and they laughed, wishing me good luck with it all. There were quite a few comments along the lines of, ‘your food will get nicked!’, but after I explained that it would be there for the taking, people seemed quite impressed. It was great to chat to, and have a bit of a laugh with, people I had never met before, and hopefully it brightened their day too and I hope that they might keep an eye on me veg every time they wander past. I can hope!

I had a few seed potatoes left, so on the walk back home I did a bit of ‘proper’ guerilla gardening, planting the spuds in a couple of planters I found which were looking neglected. That’s the great thing about spuds, if you want to get rid of them from your land, the only way to do it us by digging them up and eating them!! 😉

Strawberry Fayre

Had a few pots lying around which fit nicely inside each other, so I decided to make a bit of a ‘strawberry tower’ to sit against the South-facing wall just outside the back door.

I do have strawberry plants in the middle sector of the garden, but they are not in the sunniest of locations and tend to get a bit shaded out by the blackcurrants and apple tree and other stuff. They also get eaten by slugs, so I have decided to use any strawberries from the garden in my autumn wine making, and to have the ones in this new tower for eating.

I bought half a dozen plants, each one a different variety, in order to give a cascade of different tastes, shades and ripening times.