Permanent Staycation – Part 2

I went on a staycation cycle ride the other day, just locally to where we live, and took a few photos as it’s surprisingly pretty considering we are in a relatively built-up area.

I use an iPhone app called ‘imapmyride’ which uses the GPS function in the ‘phone to give useful information on speed, distance travelled, route etc.

On the cycle ride I came across a house with an absolutely enormous solar PV array, taking up the roof of the house and also the flat roof of their single storey back extension. Very encouraging to see!! 🙂

Permanent Staycation – Part 1

We have had a week off work and decided to take a ‘staycation’, ie have a holiday but stay in this country, a much more environmentally friendly option and it encourages us to make the most of the beautiful country where we live, and let other people across the world enjoy their own countries in the same way, without having them damaged so much by tourism and climate change.

So last weekend around 14 of us hired a house in the country not far from York, for a friend’s 30th birthday and a long weekend away. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, we had a solar heated swimming pool and a hot tub, and took it in turns to cook, including a BBQ they had there. It was a great weekend, drinking chilled beer in the sun by the pool, playing games and popping into York on the Sunday for a look around the historic city.

It worked out at £123 per head for 3 nights, plus food plus petrol to York and back. Pretty good value, and at absolutely minimal cost to the planet. And it was a kind of communal experience that you don’t normally get on holiday.