Garden Update 17th August 2010

A few fruity August photos from our little patch!

Stealth Food: Update 8th August 2010

There’s loads of stuff ready for eating already from the Phase 2 planters, even though they were only planted a few weeks ago!!

There’s tons of rocket to be had, and I pulled a lovely bunch of radishes on the way back from town just now!!

Stealth Food: Update 18th July 2010

We’ve had a bit of rain now fortunately, and the crops in the new community planters are coming on strong!! 🙂

Stealth Food: Phase 2

Well, today was our community planting day for our 12 lovely new raised beds!!

Our local councillor came down and we even had the Mayor of Bury digging in some beans.

We are hoping to get some kind of hut to keep stuff in, and if the weather is nice in a couple of weeks, we are going to have a community barbeque up there!!

Stealth Food: Update 26th June 2010

Have just been to do some weeding at the five raised beds we already have, some of them were getting pretty overgrown. The potatoes are doing amazingly well though, and in their planters they have totally crowded out the weeds!

I actually ended up leaving some of the weeds in, the daisies are pretty and provide some flowers for passing bees. And some of the low weeds provide a bit of shelter for the soil, which would be baking in the sun otherwise.

I’m really impressed with the way these beds have coped with the very hot and dry weather – there is no water source nearby so the only water they have received has been from what little rain we have had.

The second site is nearly ready, which will receive 12 large planters. We are having a community planting day on 3rd July, I have a load of pumpkin seedlings all ready to go in!!

Glebelands City Growers

Last week I paid a visit to Glebelands City Growers in Sale – a market garden supplying food locally:-

A really inspiring operation!!

A Blank Canvas

One of the community projects we are involved in is a project to reclaim patches of waste land around the neighbourhood and plant them up for local food production.

Some of the patches of waste land are pretty vast, because a number of years ago now the council compulsorily purchased whole blocks of houses and demolished them to make way for a new development.

When the oil price spiked in 2008 and the world economy went into recession, people stopped buying houses and so the developer hasn’t had the confidence to actually start building yet.

Personally I doubt that the houses will ever be built, and our local community group has got permission to install some temporary raised beds on one of the plots.

What I am hoping is that when it becomes obvious that this isn’t just any ordinary recession, and the houses will never be built, we will be able to extend the local food scheme to the remaining plots!