Pond Life

The main pond had become completely taken over and clogged up with water plants, fallen leaves and silt over the past few years so on the weekend I decided to clean it out and make it fit for habitation again.

One extra thing I’ve done as well is to line it with hessian sackcloth – the plastic I originally used to line the pond was bright white, it wasn’t a proper pond liner just some spare plastic sheet I had. The whiteness looks very unnatural and too unyielding for plants to take hold around the side, so the hessian sack should give plants some purchase, and hopefully look a bit more natural.

The Frogs are Back!

They are back!! I was worried that with the arrival of Douglas the cat, and the bitterly hard winter we’ve just had, that our resident frog population had been wiped out. It’s very built up round here, lots of bricks, concrete and tarmac – not the most friendly of frog habitats.

But I have just checked one of the smaller ponds and there are two medium-sized frogs in there, basking in the evening sun!

A couple of years running we had frogspawn in the spring, but haven’t had for the last couple of years for some reason. I’m sure there are enough adult frogs – maybe they are just self-regulating the population.

The blackbirds are knocking around too, they nested in a neighbour’s garden in the end this year. I think there are fledgeling chicks around somewhere – I can hear them but I haven’t seen one yet!!