Welcome to Green Cottage

Welcome to Green Cottage, my two-up, two-down end of terrace home in Bury, Lancashire, which I have eco-renovated to reduce my environmental impact and become more self-reliant.

From solar power and wood fuel heating to growing my own food, I have crammed as much as I can into this typical Victorian terrace to show what can be done to prepare for climate change and peak oil.

I am also involved in a local community group, and am developing environmental projects around local food growing and the local community farm.

I hope that you enjoy your stay!! 🙂

In spring 2009 I had a new addition to the household, a stray kitten who decided he was going to come and stay with me. I had no choice in the matter! But I’m afraid the family of blackbirds who have nested in the garden for the past few years won’t want to hang about with this fella around now.

Meet Douglas!

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