Home Made Cider

Well I’ve got my new Vigo press into action and started off a couple of what should turn out to be very interesting brews!!

I decided to press the grapes from my vine this year instead of boiling them up with other stuff to make wine – in the end around 2kg or so of grapes made just a fifth of a gallon of juice. I had frozen a couple of punits of home grown raspberries and strawberries so I defrosted those and chucked those in too. Finally I topped up the gallon demijohn with pressed apple juice from the apples off our tree. So that should give me a gallon or so of a kind of fruit wine-cider hybrid.

I also managed to fill a big cardboard box with apples I’d scrumped from various different trees around the place – there must have been at least half a dozen different varieties in there. I spent last night juicing those and got about 3 gallons of pure apple juice which I’ve put in a bigger fermentation vessel.

With both brews I added crushed campden tablets to sterilise the juice, leaving it for a couple of days before adding some wine yeast and yeast nutrient for a stronger brew.

Apparently this year is a tasty year for apples, so I’m really looking forward to the result!! It’s going to be difficult to resist drinking the stuff for another 12 months!!


Stop Press

I’ve bought myself a fruit press from Vigo, a crusher and picked all the apples off our tree. Cider here we come!!

Going to see if I can get some more apples from people around the place who don’t want theirs!