Agile Working

I am working from home today using my employer’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), which has a number of advantages all round. For me, it saves me sitting in traffic or on the tram for a couple of hours a day that I don’t get paid for, to go into an office where I don’t need to be. For my employer, it saves having to provide office accommodation for me when I don’t actually need it, so someone who actually does need it can use it. And for the planet it means that I don’t have to burn a load of fuel to shift me and whatever lump of metal I am travelling in across the conurbation and back for no good reason whatsoever.

All I need is a mobile ‘phone, laptop and a wi-fi internet connection, which means I can work outside in the garden if the weather is good (although it can be difficult to see the screen when the sun is bright). Power for the wireless router and cable modem is provided by my solar PV panels, adding to the environmental friendliness of this mode of working.

Welcome to the future. It ain’t so bad!!! 😉